Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Agni V successfully tested

All along were talking about the heroic moments about Indian cricket and Indian cricketers. But this time our scientists have made us proud as Agni V was launched successfully into orbit and that too from Abdul Kalam Island off Odisha coast. Had the missile man been alive now he would have felt very happy as India joins the elite club of few nations possessing similar capability. India successfully tested Agni V, its most lethal nuclear capable inter-continental ballistic missile that has a range of over 5000 km covering entire China and neighbouring land. The long-range intercontinental ballistic missile, puts China within the striking distance for the first time.

The missile took off from the Odisha coast and it was a successful venture as our scientist deserves all praise for their phenomenal achievement. The success of the Indian scientist will pave the way for user trial of the missile and its eventful induction into the Strategic Forces Command (SFC). Agni has the capability to strike targets anywhere in all of Asia and parts of Africa, Europe and cover large part of China. It is indeed a high-five moment for Indian space research in general and the country as a whole.

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