Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Agriculture – the missing link

Climate change could trim agricultural incomes in India by 15 per cent to 25 per cent with unirrigated lands being harder hit by rising temperatures and decline in rainfall. Thus, agricultural growth is hampered throughout India. The water meant for irrigation purpose is diverted to sugar factories, thus preventing the growth of the agricultural sector vastly. The overall economic stability with farm sector is therefore indirectly proportional due to the agricultural and allied activities have not shown a drastic recovery. Waiver of bank loans and additional funding in agricultural sector does not yield much result in recent times. The consistent lowering of rural wages taking inflation into consideration and the sharper decline compared to nominal wage figures all add to the woes. Again, the price fixed for wholesale price for the agricultural products are not encouraging and the buyers of food grains gain much than the tillers in a high volatile market. Distress in India’s farm sector triggered month long protests and continued agitation played a direct impact on agricultural products. The farmers failed to utilise the off season and for the balance period the barren lands could not be cultivated due to insufficient irrigation. The politics take better shape, thus hampering the progress drastically and the farmers just feel the missing link.

Nickhil Ananthan

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