Thursday, June 24, 2021
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All in the game

Politics in Uttar Pradesh is taking twists and turns ahead of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. All the political parties are training their guns to go solo and get the maximum seats in the assembly in one of the biggest states of India. BSP was hoping for a turnaround and BJP made it big after the recent developmental agenda in its future programmes in the Samjawadi Party ruled state. Dynasty politics was carrying on in UP and we expected a turmoil in its ranks sometime last year.  Somehow it passed all the tests and did come cropper when the SP patriarch suspended the Chief Minister and his associates. Thus, we were witnessing a whimsical situation with allegations and counter allegations between the two factions. After all the anxious moments, now in a u-turn Mulayam reinstates Akhilesh and Ramgopal after seeing huge fan following for his son in the supremacy for power. Even though it appears that the Netaji scripted a drama for his son to gain maximum support before the elections. It indicates that Akhilesh is the clear winner of the turf war but both BJP and BSP will have better prospects in the present situation.

Jayanthy Ramaswamy

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