All we need is ‘real’ love. Isn’t it guys!

It is a pleasant feeling to know that there are many guys who want to express their love. Yes, we all need love in our life. However, irony is that life is like a two sided coin. Coins have two sides, so life also has happy and sad days. We may try hard to make things perfect but sometimes it goes imperfect. We are scared of darkness and do not really want to roam even near the windows at night but, that does not mean that we wish for sun at night, why? Because that will not help you with the sound sleep that darkness of night can give! You will expect everything in your favour as it is human nature to expect and it is even more human to say ‘never expect’ and then expect people to believe you!

I met many people who love their counterparts and make sure that they express their love by letting them know about their whereabouts. Example, a simple good morning message once they wake up, a good night message before they sleep and one miss you message, to let them know that even in their busy schedule of work, they remember their beloved one and their beloved has crossed their mind. Such gestures cannot only intensify the bond but also stands a reminder to our daily mortal memory. However, love itself has a definition, everything in this world stands with their own definition. Love is usually defined as an emotion between two people who love each other more than anyone else in this world. Yes, it is not new for my beloved readers to know that love is not limited to just one guy to one girl but, there is something new. People wake up from their sleep and the first thing in the morning which they do is, check their cellphones! Did they miss any call? Did they receive any SMS? Or sometimes, it is just to check the time whilst the wall clock seems to have been removed from their room. After waking up, if they have auto-logged into Facebook or Twitter, they first let the world know about the beginning of their morning and then proceed with their daily work. However, how many of you have actually thought that we are not just limited to Facebook and bound into social network ‘virtually’ but, we are also part of the ‘real’ social network called ‘family’. How many of us after waking up touch the feet of our parents for blessings and wish them good morning and then proceed to the struggles of the day with a blessed mind? How many of us actually wake up without looking at the cellphone and prefer to first look at the face of parent? Sleep is just like half death, you never know if you will wake up or not in the morning. We are so much engrossed into our daily lives, from dawn to dusk whilst just living lesser in the present. All we do is, meet new people, look out for more opportunities and think about what will happen tomorrow. We are actually tired and we don’t even notice it. We need someone’s hug that can make us realise that you are breathing and you are calm. We need a solacing touch which can make us realise that we are surrounded and not alone. A wise man once said, when you think about past, you are anxious, when you think about future, you are curious and when you think about present, you are conscious! There are many people I see who talk somewhat similar and later ask their beloved, ‘so tell me about how you were when you were young’… and then there are other sect of people who will tell the world about living for the present and then, choose their best insurance plan. Funny! We humans think and act in this way only.

Life is limited or in youngster’s language it is a one-time offer. So, friends never waste it. All we need is love. Love is an expression and not just a word. Expressions can never be defined just like how Sun expresses its warmth to all of us, early in the morning. We cannot judge it. Love is not bias. Sun does not fall prey to that whether it will rise again tomorrow nor does it believe in forever mortality. Likewise, love is somewhat which cannot be defined. It is as it is and so are we! :-)