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Amanda Bynes: I Had Sex With Caleb Pusey! He’s Totally Not Gay!

Amanda-BynesIt’s hard to fault Amanda Bynes for any of her actions these days, as she’s clearly struggling with some pretty severe psychological issues.

Even so, a 19-year-old Costa Mesa bait shop employee named Caleb Pusey is probably finding it pretty difficult to forgive Bynes for dragging him into the national spotlight.

It all started when Bynes told the world that she and Caleb were planning to get married.

When hunted down by the media, Pusey stated that he’s not engaged to Bynes, and insisted that they had simply become friends after meeting in rehab.

Bynes conceded that they weren’t actually romantically involved and tweeted that Pusey is gay. Now it turns out that’s not true either. Here are some tweets Amanda posted moments ago:

• “Caleb is not gay. We had sex”
• “A friend of mine stole my Chanel hand bag that had my iPhone in it and I lost Caleb’s contact information and I wanted to apologize to him”
• “Publicly because he is my favorite person in the world”
• “He helped me get through my ugly phase which I am still going through but I don’t want to see him again until feel pretty”

Last week, Amanda slammed Pusey (tee-hee) on Twitter, calling him a “bad person” and stating that he’s “not a friend.”

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