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Amit Shah is an overrated leader

When I had listened to the speeches of BJP President Amit Shah before Lok Sabha elections, I thought he was an amicable leader but when he began inducting all sort of people in BJP, his down ward slide has started. Prior to the general election, the people were fed up with a mute Prime minister and a juvenile sounding Rahul Gandhi. Later Modi attracted voters by making various promises as they became impressed with his speech paving way for BJP’s victory in Uttar Pradesh. Amit Shah was instantly projected as a larger than life leader in the party. He also walked away with all credit for the saffron party’s good performance in Lok Sabha polls. Shah could not handle Shiv Sena properly hence we are witnessing lot of bickering between both coalition partners these days.

People must ask, is Prime Minister Narendra Modi only interested in delivering election speeches, why can’t he impose strictness among his party cadres? Why can’t he come to Mumbai and take action against warring party workers? For Delhi elections he is saying, “Woh mujhse darenge aur accha kaam karenge”, then Sir! Why the Shiv Sena is not afraid of you? They know that you are obsessed with power seeker like them. Your moral mask has fallen off. You had promised to take action against Sakshi Maharaj but he is teaching you how to row the boat.

BJP had an excellent opportunity to undertake corruption free development work but Modi started indulging in show off activities and Amit Shah started gloating over as if he was some Chanakya. Modi is spoiling the work culture. He is closing his eyes to religious fanaticism. Few days back, I had said that Modi is a narcissist and a prominent English too has mentioned the same about him. The time has come for public to vote against BJP in Delhi to make them learn a lesson and improve their performance, otherwise, Modi will ride a horse as a “ chakravarti raja”.

Maharashtra government should discourage the construction of floating hotels at Chowpatty and Ferry Wharf. What is the technical advancement in such a move? If you build a floating dock and repair ships in India, it can be termed as technical advancement and will promote skill development.

Floating hotels will promote tummy development and wastage of money by the youngsters. Will their health improve? Will they become more proficient in various achievable skills? No. They will only consume more soft drinks and get diabetic at an early age. I advocated for the construction of Marina like the one which exists in Singapore. It is clean, beautiful and beneficial for citizens health too. MbPT should be ashamed of trying to make money by non-technical means, there is no technical excellence in it. This is time for Arvind Kejriwal to sing, “Reshmi salwar kurta jali ka, roop saha nahin jaye nakhrewali ka…”.

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