Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Amy Schumer to Play Barbie in Upcoming Live-Action Film


Amy Schumer could be personifying one of our all-time favorite childhood toys.

The actress is in talks to take on the role of Barbie in Sony’s upcoming live-action film about the ever-famous Mattel toy. But before you you tilt your head in question about why the comedienne—who’s known for embracing all women and encouraging their imperfections—would take on a character based around the perfectly proportioned, big-eyed, blonde-haired toy, there’s a twist!

According to Deadline, the film will center on an imperfect Barbie who lives in Barbieland among the 180-plus Barbie characters, but doesn’t quite fit the mold of the others. Due to the fact that this Barbie is a bit eccentric, she ends up getting kicked out of Barbieland, essentially because she’s not perfect enough.

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