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Aney’s statement a water testing; RSS have same agenda

Raj Thackeray says that RSS has put words in the mouth of Aney for evading criticism pertaining to Marathwada statehood issue.

Raj Thekrey & Aney-AV

MNS Chief Raj Thackeray held the RSS responsible for the controversy which erupted after Maharashtra advocate general Shreehari Aney demanded statehood for Marathwada. According to Raj the RSS has a tendency to put words in the mouth of other persons and evade criticism. He also criticised the BJP which had mentioned about creating Vidharba state before the Lok Sabha election. He added that RSS supports the idea of smaller states.

“How did a person like Aney even think about the bifurcation of Maharashtra? He has been made a scape goat. Aney hails from Nagpur and he has been allotted a senior position even though he was unwilling to accept it. He had to resign for issuing controversial statements about the division of Maharashtra” said Raj Thackeray.

“However BJP will now convey its message of granting statehood to Marathwada through leaders belonging to that region. It’s a ploy of the saffron party to mislead the people so it won’t be held responsible for any controversy arising out of this issue,” he added.

Earlier Aney’s demand for separate Marathwada had created a furore in the assembly as Congress-NCP and Shiv Sena raised slogans and demanded his resignation.

On the other hand, RSS ideologue M. G Vaidya said that Maharashtra must be divided into four parts instead of three. He said that RSS was always in favour of creation of smaller states. Vaidya also backed the idea of carving out Marathwada and Vidharba states out of Maharashtra.

Speaking at a function in Nagpur, Vaidya said, “A state reorganisation committed must be formed for the formation of smaller states. The population of newly formed states should not exceed three crores and must not be lesser than 50 lakhs.”

Maharashtra is being divided in four regions for the smooth functioning of RSS activities. The opposition has already asked the state government to clarify its stand about the formation of Vidharbha state. When Aney had pitched for the creation of Vidharba during the winter session of state legislature the government failed to take action against him. The government had softened its stand on Aney by saying that the comments made by him are his own views.

On the other hand, Shiv Sena has always come forward in support of united Maharashtra.

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