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Annette Bening describes her ‘Captain Marvel’ character as ‘God-like entity’

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Annette Bening has remained secretive about her “Captain Marvel” character till now and the Hollywood veteran has revealed that she plays the leader of Kree people, called The Supreme Intelligence.

The Brie Larson-fronted first female Marvel standalone film marks the four-time Oscar nominee’s first appearance in a superhero movie.

In the trailer of the movie, Bening’s character can be seen explaining Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers how they saved her and gave her a new life.

The actor is excited about the film and said she had fun shooting on a “secret location”.

“… I was literally flown in the middle of the night to a secret location to make this film,” she told Stephen Colbert on his programme “The Late Show”.

When Colbert asked Bening where the location was, she said that she could not “divulge” the information.

He tried to persuade the actor to share her secrets by promising that he “knows things” due to his status as a member of the community.

Bening then asked if he knew who she played and he responded, “I can’t even say whether I know that. You just broke the first rule of talking about Marvel movies.”

To which she revealed, “I play The Supreme Intelligence, who is a God-like entity. The leader of the Kree people. The artificial intelligence, which consists of the great intellects of the Kree people for the last million years.”

Her character appeared in 1967’s Fantastic Four No 65 and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Bening said she had “basic knowledge” about the Marvel Cinematic Universe before she was cast in the film.

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