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AP’s capital woes

Firstly my hearty congratulations to N. Chandrababu Naidu for regaining power after 10 long years. The mandate of young Andhra Pradesh clearly indicates that they wished to have an experienced politician who can address several issues post state division, primarily the selection of capital city.

The UPA government has appointed Sivaramakrishnan committee to present a report on holistic development of residual Andhra Pradesh including the selection of new capital for the newly formed entity. But, it’s unfortunate that right from its start, the new government, headed by a much talked about experienced person, ministers are floating news on capital and opened their own gates to bat for one particular area as the state’s new capital. This reached to new heights when the Chief Minister himself started doing the same by announcing state’s second temporary capital; first being Hyderabad. Media aired this chain of ambiguity of the government and thrived in giving an impression that the touring committee and the state government are in view to make that particular place as capital. Now one cannot understand why the government needs to start such a speculative game without waiting for the committee report? Now that the committee report has come out giving its thumbs down to that particular area for various scientific reasons, these speculation needs to be doubted.

It is definite that Governments appoint committees to makefield surveys in all directions and expect them to come out with a decision on scientific and rational measures. The same happened while UPA government had chosen the less favored option suggested by Sri Krishna committee on Telangana. Everyone who witnessed can imagine how worse would be the consequences. If governments doesn’t follow their own committee’s suggestions what is the reason behind wasting huge amounts of public money for conducting surveys and studies?

The young generation of Andhra Pradesh brought back Babu with a belief that he, with all his trade mark dynamism, shall build from the new state, a new capital with the latest architecture and basic infrastructure including well planned drainage system, underground electricity. But many are disappointed with his latest battle for selecting an existing city and re-modifying it for newer generations. Many are in a doubt on his vision and dynamism and in worried state with confusion prevailing over the capital issue. Naidu, with all his experience, should settle this issue with much care because any inefficient and unproductive decision of his will definitely create another hurdle for the state’s progress. It’s time for him to work back on his dynamism of 1990’s.

Everyone in Andhra Pradesh is eagerly waiting for his actions to keep the new state moving on. Here are some of my personal suggestions on capital:

  1. Right from time immemorial, rulers of the state see capital building activity as a measure for reviving economy. New Andhra Pradesh should take this as an opportunity to revive the on-going economic challenges.
  2. Young generation always feel proud to participate in historic national building events like the building a capital city.
  3. A planned city with basic infrastructure and scope for good returns will attract migrations from Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore etc.
  4. Many assume that building from scrap as a bad idea. But building a capital from scrap has many advantages one of which is, we can develop a capital with a unique architecture that reflects the history and culture of Telugu.
  5. State can satisfy Low Income Group (LIG) and Middle Income Group (MIG) by providing land to them in the capital city. This can serve as a solution to meet social obligations of the state.
  6. The government can meticulously control the design of developmental model.

Veera Reddy

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