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Are all women opportunists?

At his moment it is extremely crucial for Delhi to understand their state’s political situation. In my opinion, I strongly believe that Kiran Bedi has used Anna Hazare’s ideology to grow though she has been recognized for being a good cop since 1982. Who doesn’t want to become Chief Minister? It is obvious that even if Bedi would have remained with AAP she wouldn’t be contesting for the chief ministerial post. However, she had received an opportunity with BJP and any opportunist will never give up some thing like this.

WOMEN!! No women are for women, there is strong evidence for bromance but nothing for sismance. What is wrong with women participants from Bigg Boss? I don’t have clue why Karishma Tanna has become such a talk of the house. I don’t like her but I just want to talk about the women mentality.

Inmates who are constantly bragging about her boyfriend being outside and still her mushiness with Upen is unethical. How ethical is Dimpy Mahajan? She is on the verge of divorcing Rahul Mahajan according to reports she is already dating another man in Dubai.

How good gesture is that? When you are already in a relationship you make statements that “he is technically still my husband”. So any closeness with him is perfectly all right because TECHNICALLY he is still your husband. Aren’t you disrespecting your current relation and that man, who is already planning his future with you? How is that instead of you moving on you are getting back to what you left. How ethical is your stand?

All of us have secret idea about what Sambhavna Seth must have done. Amongst all this girls inside Karishma is the only one who has proudly dated high-profile men and has grabbed plum assignments other than item songs. Till now Mahek Chahal’s achievement in life is just an award for the best item number that’s it.

As they all say that Karishma Tanna dating Upen is already aired on national television. What is wrong if she dates him as everybody is aware about it? That’s it; nobody is aware about how genuine their relationship is.

In my personal opinion it’s her problem that how Karishma is going to juggle her life between both men and her inmates shouldn’t think about it. Nobody should act as moral police in their personal lives.

These women inside the house are one of the classic example for the society to be aware that no women is for a women. They are rather nemesis or cold hearted friends with burning agony within them.

Some girls might wonder that no my friends are not like this, but believe me I call them cold blooded friends. They will enjoy everything with you eat with you sleep with you. However, there will be always something that would bother them inside about you and you might not even think about it.

Well just because we all women and girls are not united hence we are prone to exploitation from men. Watch out there many lame girls around you.

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