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Are you a social addict?

Scan anyone’s smartphone and you will get so many applications for useful purposes and also you will find numerous social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter, Tinder, Viber and many more. And to use all these apps one requires either Wi-Fi or good internet connectivity. Everyone is hooked to some social app or the other, netizens have their own favourite app which they use very often. Most of the youngsters are glued to their phones, busy chatting with their chat buddies in their virtual world often ignoring their friends beside them.

The best part about social media/networking is its vast connectivity. You can connect with a person million miles away or from another part of the globe; also you can get in touch again with the long-lost friends from school/college days. That’s so amazing when we can reconnect with someone after years! When we communicate with anyone from overseas via these social apps, the cross-country barriers such as language, culture are all forgotten and there’s a friendly chat which people enjoy. Also through these mediums one can meet or interact with like-minded people who share the same views, interests, hobbies, etc. One feels a sense of belonginess when they converse with them.

Another good factor about these social networks is that you gain useful information through group discussions and by different posts/images. And if the person wants additional information about the particular topic, he/she is free to ask the resourceful person without any hesitation. Almost everyone has their account on various social networks, well these social apps are best used by young entrepreneurs/businessmen who advertise/promote their product/brand for free. The more the people view the profile/page, the higher it raises the chances of gaining profit in their respective companies.

Everything has its pros and cons, so even being a social addict will have some drawbacks. In this era of virtual talk, personal communication has taken a backseat. People don’t value presence but are more interested in the chat rooms. And there’s great risk of falling prey to fake accounts (imposter) as sometimes individuals never reveal their true colours and many fail to realise that. Also today cybercrime is on the rise as there are many who have become victims to cyberbullying and identity theft.

This can cause mental harassment amounting to take desperate measures by the person to end the problem. And yes indeed it is a big time-waster! People check notifications (they can do something more constructive) in whatever free time they get; students will study less and chat more whenever they sit to study. Are the 1000 + friends/ followers on these social apps your real friends or just namesake? Social addicts get so involved in their own virtual world that some forget or drift away from family, near and dear ones. Social media should be used only for its advantages and one also has to be careful about its negative side. So stay smart and connected!!

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