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Aren’t we wasting precious time?

If you see the social media or the TV, you will come across a lot of indiscipline and needless (even provocative ) talk which is harmful to the nation.

I am reading that respected Mohan Bhagwat is saying that Hindustan is for Hindus and quickly adding that others can also stay here. Now, what is the need of saying this? What great revelation are you making? Look at what all is being said about Taj Mahal. People are calling it ‘Tejo Mahalaya’. For a moment let’s assume that there was a Shiva Mandir but do you think it must have been known by such a name? We have deviated from constructive path and we want to derive sadistic pleasure by raking up such things. Where is the need of a CM to go there and start sweeping. You may go there to see it and reflect and that can be done with minimum publicity.

None of us are talking about human population control, which is very important. Eradication of deprivation and malnutrition (hunger) need to be uppermost on our agenda but we are more interested in calling someone a terrorism promoter? Aren’t we wasting precious time? We must train up our youth so that they can do some constructive work and make a better living. For this, there is an urgent need to bring in trainers from different countries. Healthy and skilled workforce has to be created but we are wasting time in learning how to wash the Shiva linga.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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