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Arvind Kejriwal as Prime Ministerial candidate? AAP keeps option open

akMillions of Indians want to seeArvindKejriwal as Prime Minister but his AamAadmi Party (AAP) will take a decision on projecting him for the top post only after two months, a senior leader of the party has said.

“It is my dream and that of all AAP workers, and I believe that of millions in this country, that ArvindKejriwal should take the reins of the country as he has taken charge in Delhi,” said senior AAP leader YogendraYadav.

“The Prime Minister’s post can be claimed only in two situations, one that you are confident of achieving 250 seats in the LokSabha and second, that we make 35-40 seats somehow. The second is not our way. We can’t see the first situation as of now. If after two months we sense it, we will consider it.”

“Whether ArvindKejriwal fights the LokSabha elections or not, AAP will fight the elections under his leadership,” Mr Yadav added.

YogendraYadav’s comments indicate that AAP is leaving open the possibility of Mr Kejriwal’s entry into this year’s LokSabha election, which many believe would add a third dimension to the perceived NarendraModi-Rahul Gandhi contest.

The AAP chief has said however that he will not contest the LokSabha election, describing Mr Yadav’s suggestion as a gesture of affection.
“How can I consider myself a PM candidate? I am an ordinary man. In our party we don’t discuss Chief Ministerial or Prime Ministerial candidates,” Mr Kejriwal told the media on Monday.

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