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Attention Please!!!

It’s natural that everyone needs attention and who doesn’t like it when they are the centre of attraction (oops ATTENTION). According to Oxford dictionary, the definition of attention is ‘notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important. Who wouldn’t like to be famous and popular in today’s 21st century, where the number of likes or comments on the various social networking sites boosts one’s self-image to a whole new level? People always wish to experience that ‘20 seconds fame’ which will give them the popularity for a lifetime that they have been craving for all this while. When people don’t get the right amount of attention, it does enough damage to their self-image and esteem as they think that they lack something. But there are some who will stoop to such low levels to gain attention that makes one wonder what their actual intentions are. Or is it merely destiny playing its tricks?

Some people are so obsessed with their name and power that they will create or make-up fake stories and tell it to others, who sometimes tend to believe it. It is worthless to seek attention like this as all the stories are just based on lies and in the end people will term that person as ‘fake’ or ‘desperate for attention’. The recent incident of those Haryana (Rohtak) sisters is just another ‘interesting’ news item grabbing the public’s attention. It seems those girls were molested/misbehaved by some young guys in the bus and how the girls fought back; in praise of their bravery they were going to be awarded by Haryana govt. Receiving a bravery award is equivalent to getting celebrity status and attention in the society.

After few days a new development in the case gives a different twist to the story. The new angle to the story is that the guys didn’t do anything but these girls just assaulted them over a minor argument and they retaliated. Also the girls were earlier involved in the similar incidents where they used to hit males and video-record it as evidence that they (girls) were harassed. The investigations are still on in this case. What is this happening? Why indulge in such acts all in the name of attention? Celebrity news is a total different case as they have to do it for publicity or to promote their movies.

Attention is important for our survival, but just don’t completely focus on it. There are other important things to do in life. Main motive of almost many youngsters is to seek attention and be the most popular person in their social circle. Like say for bikes, boys will make such modifications – halogens lights, too loud sound effects etc just to gain people’s attention or merely to impress the female companions. They feel it’s all cool and the best way to attract someone’s attention towards them. Really I must say that’s the most irritating way to gain attention. I would just like to end on this note, that we can’t keep a tab on people’s actions and as to why they behave so, but we are surely living in an era where people will do anything for attention, sometimes even ending up as the laughing stock for the public.

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