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AV has stood the test of time

The title Afternoon Voice itself is on the lips of each and every reader and has made a potent effect on the public mind. The more the people read “AV” the greater is the effect on their opinion. The Balance and Objectivity of reporting is most commendable. AV has undergone lot of changes over the last eight years. I have specific interest in letters to the editor and your thought-provoking, comprehensive and eye-catchy editorial.  The best part of the new look has been the enhancement of the editorial content in the form of the op-ed page. In fact your edit Page section is something unique which not only helps us point any anomalies in the news but also bespeak the paper’s responsiveness and openness Afternoon Voice efforts to enhance the national and international coverage is most welcome. AV is one newspaper that has stood the test of time and has maintained its identity when all others took the “sensational” route.

Morning without Afternoon Voice is unimaginable for me. AV has today provided the enjoyment of listening and seeing things happening before our eyes and has brought to the notice of all the concerned what is wrong and what is likely to hurt the freedom of the people, their rights and their welfare.

It is an English daily that not only educates and recreates but also keeps alive the spirit of liberty, equality and fraternity in the hearts of the people.  I would only say that Afternoon Voice is not just a newspaper; it is part of our family. I am really thankful for maintaining the high standard of the newspaper and its worth to congratulate. Kudos on completing successful 8 Years. Long live “Afternoon Voice”.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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