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Availing OPD services — Delhi Aadhaar-card must be compulsory

Super-costly medical facilities including even costly MRIs, CT-scans and medicines (including very costly ones) are being provided totally free-of-cost in hospitals and dispensaries run by Delhi government at cost of state-exchequer funded by Delhi tax-payers.

But all these facilities are being mainly used by people coming from neighbouring states especially for the purpose. There are reports that announcements in this regard are made during gatherings at religious places, making people from those states rushing to Delhi to avail such free super-costly medical-facilities including medicines as their states do not provide such super-costly medical-services so freely. It is grossly unjustified that Delhi tax-payers have to bear burden of costly medical-facilities provided totally free-of-cost to people of other states. It may be mentioned that even hospitals like AIIMS run by central government charge, though less than market-price, for costly facilities like MRI, CT-scan, PAT-scan etc.

Delhi government should make it compulsory to attach a copy of Aadhaar-card for various purposes in its hospitals including for registering at Out-Patient-Departments (OPD), all free medical facilities like medicines, CT-scan, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound etc, so that citizens of Delhi may benefit really from such free medical facilities. Presently citizens of Delhi are not able to get benefit of such super-costly medical-facilities provided on their own tax-money because of extra-long queues of people coming from other states. However, no such necessity of Aadhaar-card may be there for emergency medical-services provided at ‘Emergency’ departments of hospitals.

Madhu Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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