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Avoid the temptation of shopping online

Online shopping has definitely made our lives easier as products are delivered at our doorstep without even stepping outside our homes. Now people don’t have to visit shopping malls and spend three to four hours deciding about what to buy. They don’t have to wait in queues for making payments. All of us are aware about how long queues can get during the season sale days. Thus today products are available just a click away. Most of the people today have smartphones and they get updates about the latest sale being happening in online shopping websites. Since these websites try to lure customers by offering heavy discounts they can’t resist from the temptation to buy those products.

People today order mobile phones, watches, clothes, camera, tablets and many other products online. The online shopping websites offer huge discounts as compared to their brick and mortar counterparts. People wake up early and log into websites to place their orders. They also register their account numbers, credit card numbers with these websites/apps. After few clicks and authentication process the transaction process is completed as the product is delivered at the customers’ door step. However, after purchasing products people tend to realise that they have spent huge money for owning all these.

Customers realise that they have purchased many unwanted products which they never wanted. They then start selling these products on other websites at a discounted price. This trend is visible in the youth who are often blowing up huge amount of money for purchasing the latest gadgets. Since many of them are earning good salary they don’t rethink before buying these expensive products. Youth spend more than 40 per cent of their salary on online shopping. Thus they end up exhausting their salary by the third week of the month. Some of them who are unemployed even borrow money from their parents and friends to purchase these items. Thus they end up accumulating lot more things than what they have wanted. Many of them have their cupboards filled up with products brought from e-commerce website and don’t know what to do with them. Some of them start their day by visiting the online shopping websites to check whether any discount or sale is happening on them.

Before purchasing any product from online websites people should first check whether they actually need them and take a decision about it. They should try to postpone their purchasing decision which will enable them to save money. Credit cards should be kept away and people should avoid using the auto fill option offered by websites. Credit card information filled on websites should be deleted from the websites. People should read reviews of other customers to get better idea about the website and to know about their shopping experience. They should unsubscribe from the newsletter and daily mails sent by e commerce companies. People should limit the time spent on browsing these websites. Do not click on unfamiliar sites or links in strange emails, which would lead to fake or phishing sites. It is better to maintain chatting records, emails or messages received from the supplier. Both words and screenshots can be useful proof if the supplier does not keep his word.

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