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Bach ke rehna re ‘Baba Trump’!

As the much maligned Donald Trump clinched the Republican nomination with the race for US presidency heating up, one wonders as to whether the world is about to witness an apocalypse of great proportions? If Trump does replace current President Barrack Obama then would it be a boon or a bane for both the US and the entirety of humanity?

Truth or Dare?

Wish Baba Vanga were alive to have answered those queries! Just typing those very words bring to mind that late Bulgarian ‘psychic’ named as ‘Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova’ or in short ‘Baba Vanga’, who was famous for her chilling prophecies. Though Vanga (who was nicknamed as ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans)’breathed her last, at the age of 85 at Sofia in 1996, the striking part is that of at least 80 percent of her ‘predictions’ being true to the core over the years.

Vanga had correctly predicted the 9/11 terror attacks on the US back in 1989 and also had said that the 44th US President would be an African-American (Obama).What concerns us more is that of Vanga predicting that “he (Obama) would be the last one and would leave office at a time when the country would be in economic ruins”.

Do we already see Obama and the US quaking in their boots?


Vanga also ‘predicted’ that there would be a ‘huge divide’ between the northern and southern states of the US – something similar to the American Civil War which started in 1861. Agreed that though some of her other ‘guesses’ like ‘Assassination attempts on the four heads of states’ and ‘A ‘Nuclear war in 2016 which would ravage the world’ went awry but then is all of it too good to be believed? Vanga further ‘prophesized’ that Europe would be abandoned in the midst of 2010 to 2016 (hogwash?) and that most people would die of skin cancer from chemical weapons!

Another one of her ‘predictions’ for 2016 involve Muslims invading  Europe, a ‘Great Muslim War’ originating in Syria and ‘widespread destruction by extremists’ in the continent which would last many years. She also prophesized that China would overtake the US as the world super power in 2018; something which even we grudgingly have to accept given the current scenario!

Will US blow their own ‘Trumpet’?

So is it game over for the US in 2016 if Vanga’s ‘prophecies’ are to be believed? Or would Trump take over and alter the course of history thus relegating Vanga and her ‘predictions’ to the dustbins of history? It may be remembered that this was the very man who had asked for a ‘ban’ on Muslims in the US not long ago. And that statement of keeping Mexicans out with a ‘wall’?

Also not to forget that disgusting mocking of a disabled New York Times reporter in late 2015; this earned Trump a massive barracking from all quarters. Of course the 2016 Presidential campaign is Trump’s maiden foray into running for a political position with his previous governmental experience being that of a business owner. Trump definitely has no indications of having any formal study of politics or neither has he done any work in someone else’s campaign. But then the question remains as to whether the US would blow its own ‘Trumpet’ by electing Donald and put an end to their current woes? Or do we already see Vanga rolling in her grave?

Bach ke rehna re ‘Baba Trump’!

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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