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Banks are backbone of the Indian economy

During demonetization Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked bank employees for going that extra mile to ensure that implementation of the demonetization scheme was on track. Why?  They worked from morning till late hours for last three days for the benefit of customers in the exchange of high denominations, collection of deposits and other regular banking transactions. Bank staff that have been called upon to undertake this gigantic task at short notice had risen to the occasion without complaining.

They face the people’s wrath for not providing smaller denomination notes – but they are helpless since these notes are not supplied by planners. In case of bank officers, there are no specific timings for their working and many a time, their work stretches from 9 to 10 hours every day.

One must have observed that in rural and semi-urban bank branches, the moment bank opens the door; people rush in like a herd of bulls. They push each other to move ahead and shout at bank employees for not letting them in immediately. The public sector bank employees do seem to have risen to the occasion and by and large have been doing a really commendable job under difficult circumstances. There is no doubt that bankers have always performed the task given by the Government right from the time of nationalization. They have always in the past stood like a rock and supported the government’s decision and implemented it successfully. Bankers need good reward for its work. Bank employees, logistics and support staff are doing their best, putting in a lot of effort and working tirelessly to please customers. Banks are the backbone of the national economy.

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