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I believe in experimenting with different roles

Afternoon Voice is a parallel and emerging media house that addresses and brings to you the well-analysed and detailed form of everyday issues in the city and its suburbs. We have started our new “Guest Editor Column” that will feature prominent political leaders and popular personalities from the state and others. We will interact with them and portray his/her views on current political and social developments happening across the country.

Today, we are honoured to feature Marathi actress Kishori Shahane as our “Guest Editor”. In a personal chat with our team she shared her views about working in the film industry, serials and transformation witnessed in today’s cinema. Here are the excerpts:

Vaidehi Taman

Despite being in the industry and performing different roles you still go for auditions? What is your take about it?

It varies from person to person. I have to do auditions for people who don’t know me.

Why today’s serials are drifting from humour towards drama based shows. What is going wrong with today’s shows?

Nowadays everything is getting commercialised. When audience appreciate a show its TRP goes up. Often television channels air those content which the audience want to watch.

Given a choice, which political party would you like to join?

I am not a politically inclined person. I don’t want to get into politics.

Apart from acting do you stand up for social issues?

Whenever I am invited to support for a social cause, I definitely would like to support it.

Your looks remained unchanged since last 20 years. What is the secret of your ageless beauty?

I have to sacrifice a lot of things to maintain it. We have to take care of our body. I visit gym and go for jogging to keep myself fit. We have to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Suraj Chandran

Being a guest editor what message would you like to send across to media?

Newspapers must report about current events. Media should stick to ethics and must remain unbiased. Journalists should report facts and remain unbiased.

Rupal Mistry

You have been working in the industry for a long period of time. During this span how do you deal with male dominance?

According to me, the situation is well balanced today. It was difficult earlier. Actresses are not paid as compared to their male counterparts. Women have been fighting for their rights since ages.

Akshata Naik 

You’re a successful person being a dancer, a producer and an actor. But among all these which one you love to play the most?

Acting is my passion. There is a lot of pressure when you’re a producer or a director as you’ve to look at and manage multiple things and it is way too much hectic. I enjoy the most playing the role of an actor.

Parvez Khan

Earlier, actors had to undergo immense struggle to be successful but nowadays, they are getting into limelight very easily. What do you feel?

Struggle is always there in every industry; same with entertainment, be it earlier or now. But, certainly, struggle has changed its face with passage of time. Few years back, the numbers of actors were also less in the industry, but there is more competition now with many fresh faces joining everyday. Struggle is necessary to survive and it is a must. There are also many teaching schools now which didn’t exist few decades back. All these are really helpful for the newcomers.

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray has slammed actor Nana Patekar for supporting the street vendors and said he should not speak on subjects not known to him. Do you think there is now an emergency situation as actors get attacked time and again for their comments on social issues?

Political leaders don’t like any remarks against them. They believe to be more powerful being in politics and prefer suppressing counter opinions and try to shut their mouth. However, actors should act responsibly and they should be more careful and not get driven by their emotions and pass any comment. They should be aware of the after affects of their statement on the society on that particular issue.

 Sachin Waghchoure

What is your experience working for Jadubai Jorat?

I am acting for a Marathi daily soap after a long time and this time it is a comedy show. We are getting an overwhelming response and I believe this show, targeted mainly towards homemakers, is successfully entertaining them. My character name is Mallika in the serial and the character has a negative shade as I mischievously create trouble for people around me. I am enjoying a lot shooting for this.

Gautam Korde

You have played a very important and strong character in the movie Khairlanjichya Mathyawar based on the 2006 murders of Dalits by members of the politically dominant Kunbi caste. What was your experience working on such an impactful topic?

That incident made a huge impact on the state. And this movie came perfectly with that backdrop and I got a chance to be part of it. Doing that movie made me realise the real pain they had undergone. But people from Dalit community, misinterpreted the story. Though it was a movie to showcase their real situation to the world but they assumed that to be against them. Even though the High Court banned the movie but in the very first week it has got a good response from the audience and marked its impact. I believe it would’ve made a larger impact if not banned.

What do you think about the casteism practise in India?

I believe education is the only way to get ourselves away from casteism. We can see that today’s youth are least bothered about different castes and religions and within 20 more years, with the new generation coming in, I feel India can become free of this.

Moumita Mukherjee

Taking back over your career so far, what is biggest accomplishment you’ve received?

I love working in different characters with different shades and love experimenting with my roles. I enjoy doing everything possible to fit to a new character.

You are doing a Hollywood film? What is your experience about the work culture in Hollywood and Bollywood films?

The system is almost at par as the Bollywood film makers, working on big projects, are trained in NYU. Working environment is the same in both industries. Presently I am working for a Hollywood film ‘Heart Beat’, directed by Duen Adler. The recent shooting schedule was in India itself and mostly known Indian crew was present. The good part of Hollywood’s work culture is that, their schedules are always properly planned; they stick to it and work accordingly.

Vikash Ovale

There are many young people from every corners of India who are aspiring to be in the media and become a popular face. But, unfortunately many of them fall for traps. What is your message to those young aspirants?

My message to all those who wants to be a part of industry is that always keep a back up for your career and never get so desperate that makes you fall in trap of fraud people. People, who ask for money as a return to give you a break, don’t believe in them. Keep working hard and never stop educating yourself.

How do you manage your personal and professional life?

Managing personal life is a tough task for me. I leave home at 6 am and return at 11 pm. After reaching home I have to take care of my family. Whenever I get holiday I ensure that I devote my time towards my family.

What is your take about cinema of today and the past?

Today, more realistic subjects are being handled by film makers. I am blessed to belong to this era. Nowadays character-driven roles are being given more importance. Audience are more exposed to international cinema today, hence, they are demanding better content from film makers.

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