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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Beware! Smartphones uses raising mental disorder

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Youth have started showing signs of depression and anxiety due to overusage of mobile phones and internet in Mumbai.Mobile phone use AVTechnology may have made our lives easier but overdependence on it is causing distress in people’s lives. Today youth are glued to their mobile phones and laptops as they keep on chatting with their friends on social networking sites and browse online. However, many of them tend to become frustrated if they are unable to access internet. Youth have started showing signs of depression and anxiety due to overusage of mobile phones and internet in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities. Around 25 to 30 youth are visiting hospitals every day for undergoing treatment for technology addiction. Around 10 to 15 youth are also seeking psychiatric treatment and counselling. According to psychologists, there has been a surge in such cases after people have started using smartphones with internet connection.

“There is a possibility that around 10 per cent of Mumbai’s population might undergo depression due to overuse of mobile phones. Steps must be taken to stop people from becoming too much dependent of technology,” said Dr. Shubhangi Parkar, Dean of KEM hospital.

“Earlier people used to keep their phones at desk after making a phone call with their friends and relatives. However after the advent of smartphones, they tend to check their mobile phones every time to view any update which is hampering their work. Even, children are finding it difficult to concentrate on studies due to excessive usage of mobile phones,” said Sudesh Singh, a Borivali resident.

Since children remain glued to their mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets they remain disconnected with the real world. Many of them are finding it difficult to have face to face interactions with their friends and family members which is affecting their personality and social lives. They remain at home for the entire day and keep checking their mobile phones and seldom go outside to play games.

“My son always needs mobile phone while studying as he keeps on sending messages to his friends. He also checks his mobile phone while eating food which is a bad habit. I have often scolded him to mend his ways but he doesn’t listen to me,” said Rashmi Seth, a Kandivali resident.

Today, people are becoming addicted to clicking selfies every moment. Girls are more bothered about their own looks and they keep on clicking selfies to check their appearance and send them on social media applications to get more likes. Some of them even use mobile phones while crossing railway tracks which is causing accidents and deaths. Already 73 deaths have occurred in India last year while clicking selfies. People also tend to use mobile phones while driving which is proving fatal to their own lives. They are violating traffic rules and risking the lives of pedestrians and other motorists.

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