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Big no to ‘no helmet, no petrol’ rule

According to them the government has taken this decision in haste and should have taken citizens into confidence.

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Mumbaikars and Petrol Dealers Association are unhappy with the Mahara-shtra Government’s decision to deny petrol to helmetless two wheeler drivers and pillion riders at petrol pumps. According to them the government has taken this decision in haste and should have taken citizens into confidence. The new rule will be enforced in the state from August 1. A constable will be posted at all petrol pumps across the city and they will urge two wheeler riders to wear helmet. Initially, they will request them to wear safety gear and create awareness among them. After August 1 riders will have to pay fine if they violate the rules. Citizens are worried that they might be harassed by the police and it will cause huge inconvenience to them especially while commuting to work. On the other hand, petrol pump dealers are bothered that the new rule might have adverse impact on their business.

“I don’t know how the state government will impose this rule as they lack the necessary manpower to keep a vigil on petrol pumps. Moreover, if police is posted at petrol pumps then there is a possibility of huge wastage of time as they will keep an eye on each and every driver arriving there for refuelling their vehicle,” said Amit Bhandari, a call center employee.

“Instead of asking citizens to compulsorily wear helmets the government must first repair the potholes which are creating more troubles for motorists. Few days back, I had noticed a woman whose vehicle had slipped due to the presence of potholes. Luckily, she escaped unhurt as people came forward to help her. During that time people were blaming the civic body which had failed to repair potholes,” said Sudeep Singh, a businessman from Malad.

“I have noticed that often people listen to music while wearing helmets and indulge in reckless driving which may result into accidents. How can a person concentrate on driving when he is listening to music,” said Vivek Bhalerao, a college student.

“According to me the government must not enforce this rule and focus on those offenders who jump traffic signals, ride vehicles without carrying license, insurance and PUC certificates. Strict action must be taken against those who violate traffic rules,” said Nitin Bhedse, a shopkeeper from Kandivali.

“It’s the duty of the government to enforce traffic rules and citizens should adhere to it. On other hand, the helmet rule should not cause inconvenience to us and it should not have any impact on our business,” said a petrol pump dealer from Borivali (W).

Poona Petrol Dealers Association spokesperson Ali Daruwala said, “It will be impossible for dealers to implement this law. If the government wants to enforce this law, it should implement it on the public roads. People move on roads and come to petrol pumps to fill petrol once a week. If the Government continues in the same vein, it may even disallow sale of petrol to those who don’t possess a pollution-under-control certificate or driving license.”

State Transport Minister Diwakar Raote told the House that the decision has been taken to promote safety on roads. “Supplying fuel to riders not wearing helmets is seen as encouraging riding without helmets,” Raote said in a statement.

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