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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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BJP accused of using Central agencies to subdue democratic voices; Cong reacts after IT raids at MLA residence

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Congress MLA Residence IT Raid BJP
Image: ANI

Congress spokesperson Rakesh Sinha on Friday accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of being afraid of Congress and its supporters.

“I believe that Narendra Modi is the first PM of independent India who is afraid of Congress and its supporters and is trying to subdue its (Congress’) voice with the help of central agencies,” Congress spokesperson Rakesh Sinha said soon after the Income tax department started its raids at the residence of MLA Kumar Jaimangal Singh in Ranchi.

“Yesterday only, the CM was summoned by the ED and today Congress MLAs are being raided by IT, which proves that it is an attempt of BJP to demolish a democratic government in Jharkhand, which will never be successful in the state,” he added.

“I want to add that the people of Jharkhand are with the Mahagathbandhan government and you cannot establish your government in this state till 2029,” said Sinha.

Reacting to the allegations, BJP MLA CP Singh said that the people in the opposition are now agitated as the country is moving on the path of development under PM Modi’s leadership.

“People in the opposition are agitated because the country is on its path to becoming Vishwaguru and is continuously developing under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” BJP MLA CP Singh said mentioning that they will remain unafraid of them.

On the allegations of central agencies being used by the Centre, the BJP MLA said that if they work under someone’s direction, they will turn into puppets.

“The central agencies function on their own, no one controls them. If they start to work under someone’s direction, they will no longer remain as an agency and will become puppets. All the central agencies work unbiased and independently,” he said.

This came hours after the IT started its raids at the Bermo residence of Congress MLA Kumar Jaimangal Singh.

While these raids were underway, Jaimangal Singh told the media persons that the raids will be carried out at the premises of any leader who does not listen to the BJP.

“Income Tax raids are currently ongoing at my Bermo (Jharkhand) and Patna residences. Any leader who would not listen to BJP will be raided,” Congress MLA Kumar Jaimangal Singh told media persons.

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