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BJP and Shiv Sena must resolve seat sharing issue

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The Shiv Sena and BJP have been having several discussions to resolve the deadlock over seat sharing issue but no headway has been made. How will these parties resolve the problems faced by masses? Money and power is everything but nobody cares for “Sanskriti”, “ Sanskar” etc; except our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hema Malini has invited controversy by saying that widows from Bengal and Bihar should not crowd the city and instead stay in their home states. She also added that there are 40,000 widows in Vrindavan and there is no room to accommodate more. After achieving so much success and making lumpsum money she also detests poor helpless women.

UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav says that the central government does not listen unless you tweet. Even after that there is no assurance that the problems will be resolved. Actually, Delhi is a haven for rich and powerful trouble makers, schemers and the government will do well to oust all these undeserving persons from the capital? Nowadays, Shobha De is writing some beautiful pieces starting from her write-up on Bajirao Singham- Aata Majhi Satakli to recent on Hema Malini.

The lesson we must learn from her is that you must write free from any inhibitions. Have no malaise, but speak your mind. Modi has taken a right stand by saying that Indian Muslims are patriotic and they will not follow ISI or ISIS. He does not have a media adviser (and very rightly so- he will not like another Sanjay Baru) but he will learn quickly regarding whom to interact with. Farid Zakaria is not exactly the right man. Modi is very intelligent leader and knows how to rectify himself after committing a mistake. He does not commit errors very often. The same cannot be said about the Sena-BJP alliance. Often one party will try to have an upper hand over the other even if they contest election together and form a government.

Uddhav Thackeray claims that his father is a bigger leader as compared to the BJP. Neither Varun Gandhi nor Pankaj Singh or any one else can counter this effectively. Balasaheb Thackeray is a “Hindu Hriday Samrat. So, fight in the name of Balasaheb and unfurl the “ Bhagwa” on Mantralaya but keep saying Uddhav has more respect for Indian Muslims as compared to Modi”. Shiv Sena will develop Maharashtra to become the number one state with the participation of every one.

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