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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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BJP bleeding blue: All is not well between IT Cell and BJYM

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BJP bleeding blue AV

After Modi’s win in 2014 with the help of the BJP online army, Modi’s idea to promote for a digitised India seems to be blowing up on his face as the chief of BJP IT Cell Amit Malviya unverified several verified accounts of the karyakartas of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) on Twitter. Is this a sign of an internal feud between the BJP IT cell and BJYM?

Almost 26 BJYM local handles of all states got verified 3-4 days ago by the Twitter, after an initiative by Poonam Mahajan and BJYM head Devang Dave. Later, Amit Malviya allegedly mailed to Twitter asking to unverify all the accounts of BJYM. With such in-house rivalry and disputes coming out on social media ahead of the 2019 elections, there is a room for the Opposition within the party itself. The BJP IT Cell Maharashtra also hit out on Malviya and his act by Tweeting, “#AntiBJPMalviya This person has destroyed the BJP IT Cell in last 4 years after BJP victory @amitmalviya.”

“We will make sure that this incident reaches to the higher authorities. Amit Malviya’s jealousy made him do this as he could not make his IT dept’s outreach to an extent. The BJYM worked hard for BJP and flourished just within four years. BJP’s internal politics is getting bitter day by day. Due to which, the hard-working people like Devang are getting de-motivated,” a staunch BJP supporter on the condition of anonymity spoke to AV.

This episode of the controversy created a huge chaos on Twitter where there was an outburst of tweets on #AntiBJPMalviya from the BJP supporters to the oppositions. A supporter of BJP, Sukriti Chakravarty criticised the act of Malviya saying, “#AntiBJPMalviya Has Mr Malviya got Scared of the progress BJYM is doing and the development that has been in the IT cell of YuvaMorcha?? Shame on this..!!!” While other Tweetertits also came out in open to condemn the act of Malviya calling him a pothole in the party. Harry tweeted, “New Pothole discovered in BJP, #AntiBJPMalviya Has it frightened you that what u have not done in 4 years. BJYM did in 1 year..!!!!.!! #AntiBJPMalviya won’t believe but, Amit Malviya has done a very shameful job very bad yaar.” Earlier, he had also posted a tweet saying, “Being a jealous and fearful person is rather a difficult issue.”

Modi’s false promises and backfiring of demonetisation, GST etc. have led many voters into disappointment. Nonetheless, the recent hue and cry creates an image of a divided BJP, where they are posting against each other. The Opposition has taken a due advantage of it by attacking PM Modi over social media with posting videos of his 2014 campaign, where he made several promises but eventually, with the time it got faded away along with the Modi wave. Although the Opposition is still leaving no stones unturned to take an advantage of BJP’s internal crisis, Dr Shadab Shaikh, a member of INC tweeted, “All it cell members of @BJP4India if you don’t get justice by party and if party fails to take an action against @amitmalviya for removing your verifications you are all welcome in @INCIndia acche din hum laye the aur sacche din bhi wapas laenge… Jai Congress #AntiBJPMalviya.”

It is believed by the experts that with the upcoming 2019 elections, the leg pulling inside the party can be one of the reasons for the fall down of BJP. However, with the rise in the use of NOTA by the voters due to lack of faith for any of the political party may also let down the party’s majority vote bank. Netizens also accused Malviya of showing his power wrongfully. “Getting @BJYM state handles de-verified means @amitmalviya wants to prove his power & hold over @TwitterIndia & @verified Result? Accounts of BJYM office bearers & States lose their ✔. Pls look into this @narendramodi & @AmitShah @AmitShahOffice #AntiBJPMalviya,” @TheRightSidein said in his tweet.

BJP Mumbai spokesperson Suresh Nakhua commented, “There is no question of the so-called differences between the social media arms of BJP and BJYM as it is being speculated. All the organisations within the party are working perfectly in tandem towards the progress of the nation and achieving the electoral successes. This has been proved by the electoral success of the party in more than 20 states after 2014.”

He further added, “Regarding the verification issues, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is on record saying that the platform is having a Leftist bias and it is quite possible that this verify-unverify drama might have been manufactured at the behest of vested interests like Congress and Left parties, to create differences between different organisations of BJP. Albeit, Malviya’s move to unverify the handles might have been due to some misunderstandings and which are already in the process of being cleared.”


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