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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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BJP is not a party of words

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BJP is not a party of words AV

At a time when the Modi government shows their concern for the Maratha community and their welfare by providing them reservation, on the contrary, where the entire nation and the twin cities of Mira-Bhayander in particular, mourned the death of Major Kaustubh Prakash Kumar Rane, a BJP corporator failed to show respect for this Maratha martyr who died in Kashmir.

Mumbai Congress president Sanjay Nirupam commented, “It was disgusting to see that BJP leaders don’t have respect for martyr and jawans. This is the real character of the BJP which reveals their double standards. The party follows these nationalism ideologies just for the election purpose, they don’t believe in this ideology by heart.”

The 29-year-old army man along with three hawaldars was killed while fighting terrorists in Kashmir’s Gurez sector on Tuesday who resides in Mira Road. While on Tuesday evening itself, a grand birthday celebration was being held for the municipal corporator Anand Manjrekar of the BJP, a few metres away from the major’s apartment in Mira Road claiming the negligence of the issue. The party that blows its triumph for being the nationalist party of the nation, isn’t it again revealing their double standards?

BJP Corporator Anand Manjrekar explained that the birthday celebration was a pre-planned programme. He continued saying, “It was just a cake cutting ceremony programme scheduled from 8 to 10 pm. But later, at 9 pm we got to know about the death of the soldier and we immediately stopped our programme. I have confessed and apologised for our mistake to the people of Mira –Bhayander as well as the family of Martyr.”

It is often seen that Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman pays visits to the families of the soldiers who are abducted and killed by the terrorists and expresses her condolences. The Minister also paid homage to our Army on Kargil Diwas this year, where she extended greetings and best wishes to all the ranks of Indian armed forces, veterans and their families on the occasion. It seems BJP hasn’t passed on the minimal decency to their MLA’s or municipal corporators or do the party leaders lack a sense of humanity on the grassroots level?

Maj Gen (R) AJB Jaini expressed, “It was unfortunate to see that the politicians speak different on camera and behave differently later. Not only politicians but many Sarkari babu’s and bureaucrats are responsible for it as they misguide politicians and ministers. The ruling government is not following their manifesto as they promised for the Indian Army that is for modernisation and upgradation of the country. Politicians are not sensitive about the force. National interest should not be compromised for the vote bank politics. BJP government failed to do good provision for the defence budget.”

It is believed by the experts that on one side, when the government claims to have a soft corner for the Maratha community and promises them 16 per cent reservation in government jobs and educational institutions after the judicial review. On the other side, demeaning a ‘Maratha martyr’ portrays a negative impact on the mindset of the party in the public’s mind especially, the Maratha community. It would not be wrong to say that the government fails to keep a stand on their words.

Maratha Kranti Morcha Conveyor Ankush Kadam asserted, “Maratha agitation and the death of the Martyr are completely different and cannot be merged as the soldier sacrifices their lives for the nation and not for a particular community. There are many Marathas in the Indian Army. The government is trying to defame Maratha agitation and attempting to divert it towards a different path.”

Although Fadnavis had sought time till November to take steps with regard to the Maratha quota demands but will that help the government to make up on behalf of the disrespect towards their solider and the Maratha community as well? Time will only say whether the Maratha community will let off their anger against the government for hurting their sentiments!

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