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BJP lacks Political Compassion

Rahul Gandhi hugging the Prime Minister and a wink after that seized the limelight of the last week’s action-packed no-confidence motion moved by the Opposition in the Parliament. It overshadowed the mega victory of the ruling party or even the significant issues discussed in the day-long session — the leaders of the ruling party themselves including PM Narendra Modi arrogantly indulged in mocking Rahul for his gestures that made the entire nation talking.

It looks unfortunate to see our Prime Minister, in his response in the Parliament, ridiculing Congress and its President Rahul Gandhi in the most of his address, while Gandhi full-fledgedly targeted BJP-led government in the Centre and states with his fiery speech for issues like Rafale deal, lynchings, jumla strike or false promises by the government and the concerns of the youth, farmers, and Dalits of the country!

“Rahul Gandhi will have to think 10 times before hugging me” — now this is what comes from the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath! Talking about how he would reciprocate if RaGa hugs him, Yogi with a ‘badass’ smile replied, “Such political stunts are not acceptable to me at any cost. Rahul Gandhi’s behaviour is childish and he does not have the wisdom and decision making powers of his own. A sensible person will never do such things (hug).”

NCP legislator Prakash Gajbhiye expressed, “I think Rahul Gandhi hugged the PM to give the message that there shouldn’t be any personal enmity in politics. Ideological differences exist in a democratic country but personal differences are not accepted.”

However, the tone of hatred for the opponents in a democratic system is not restricted with these topmost leaders as the Bharatiya Janata Party’s present leadership has managed to unfurl the frame of mind to almost everyone following them and the common men as spectators miss the political compassion in our country today.

Railing at Rahul Gandhi’s action during the no-confidence debate, walking across the aisle towards the Treasury benches and amusing the PM with a hug, Goa state BJP spokesperson Dattaprasad Naik showed no hesitation saying that the winks are made by ‘loafers’ outside ‘colleges or maybe at girls.’

“The acts of Rahul Gandhi, the hug that the entire nation saw, disrespected the Parliament and everyone knows that such winks are made by loafers outside colleges or maybe at some girls. We condemn such incident. It’s a shame that today Congress party has become a “Katputli” in the hands of Gandhi family,” Naik expressed.

When AV spoke to Dattaprasad Naik, he said, “Goa Congress chief called our CM a ‘katputli and in response to that, I said the same. Use of abusive and aggressive statements are mostly applied in Congress than BJP — you can see that if you read the tweets of Shashi Tharoor in the last few days. As a reply to the remarks made by Congress, I think, mine is very appropriate. I did not use any undignified word. Our country needs a PM like Modi as he has helped India become the 6th largest economy of the world.”

It seems it’s been long we have seen any viewpoints enriched debate in the country. A democratic nation gives all the rights to the opposing parties to criticise or highlight the flaws of the reigning government. While the political party leading the government is expected to come up with their notion towards that criticism. Nonetheless, our present government finds more comfort jeering at the criticism of the opposition and in that they were never in two minds to use disparaging statements.

Dr. Kumar Saptarshi, a social activist, spoke to AV and said, “PM Modi was scared of Rahul Gandhi during the no-trust motion debate in the Parliament. Knowing that RaGa is now able to create an influence on the Indian citizens, BJP is indulging in hate speech. Congress gave a strong message that even if BJP wants to rule the country through autocracy or fascism, they will continue to act democratically. The hate-mongering in politics started due to the inclusion of goons in any political party’s grass root workers. Our rich tradition to respect the Opposition is lacking today. The concept of ‘Raj Dharma’ is a myth at present.”

The trolling went so low when on Monday, Finance Minister Piyush Goyal not only called Rahul Gandhi a “Merchant of hate”, he also accused him of playing divisive politics. Union minister Smriti Z Irani too used the term “vulture politics” to describe the politics played by Rahul Gandhi. And all these came after the Congress president attacked Modi’s ‘brutal New India’ and demanded to know why it took cops three hours to take the victim, who was thrashed by a mob on suspicion of cow smuggling, to the hospital that’s only six kilometres away.

Congress MLA Mohammed Arif Naseem Khan stated, “The entire country witnessed how Rahul Gandhi exposed the BJP government with his speech in the Parliament and BJP is scared of him now. BJP has no answers and thus they are making derogatory remarks.”

He went on saying, “BJP is indulging in hate speech to win the election again as previously they won by polarisation in the name of religion and caste. The party follows RSS ideology and since they know that their government has failed on every front, they are trying to divert the attention.”

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