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BJP MLA beats up a horse, breaks its leg

Bharatiya Janata Party legislator Ganesh Joshi on Monday attacked a police horse with a lathi, leaving the beast with a broken leg.

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Mounted police had been stationed near the assembly to stop the protest, held by BJP workers against the Congress government of Chief Minister Harish Rawat. As the protesters came close to the barricade, the police tried to control the crowd.

“You are using lathi on a horse? I think the word ‘tolerance’ is not there in the dictionary of BJP,” Rawat said.

The rally suddenly turned violent and in the commotion BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi targeted the horse as others also joined in.

The injured horse was taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

“CM has given orders to call experts, they will arrive tomorrow. X rays will be done,” Dr. RS Negi, chief veterinary officer, said.

“The metatarsal bone of the horse’s left leg has broken,” Negi said, adding “It is a compound fracture. First aid given and mobilisation devices used for his leg.”

“A case is being registered against the BJP MLA and some others,” Dehradun SSP Sadanand Date said.

As a result, the horse was injured and taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

“The horse injured by BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi was taken to Indian Military Academy’s Veterinary Hospital,” Dehradun SSP said.

“The metatarsal bone of the horse’s left leg has broken,” Dr. Negi Veterinary doctor who is treating the horse at Police Line said.

The Congress has demanded that the police take immediate action against Joshi.

“We condemn the BJP MLA’s action in the harshest possible way. It’s difficult to understand what made the BJP leader go wild against the poor horse. It is sheer cruelty against a speechless animal and the police must take action against Joshi. If our demand is not accepted, the Congress will lodge an FIR against the BJP MLA,” Dehradun city Congress chief Prithviraj Chauhan said.

Several Congress leaders, including chief minister Rawat, rushed to police lines to see the horse.

The chief minister directed officials to contact veterinary doctors in Tamilnadu. He said money is not an issue and government will bear the expenses to save Shaktimaan’s life.

“It is unfortunate that an animal, who can’t speak has been made target. This shows the frustration (of BJP),” the chief minister said.

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