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BJP needs to explain on 2G scam chest beating

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2G SCAM LEADThe Special CBI court verdict on the 2G spectrum scam case has proved to be a major setback for BJP which had made allegations against the erstwhile Congress led UPA government for its involvement in the scandal. BJP had raked up this issue to target Congress while campaigning for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. The Rs 1,76,000 crore 2G spectrum scam was one of the major factors that contributed to the downfall of the UPA government. However, after the Special Court acquitted all 18 accused including A Raja and K Kanimozhi in 2G spectrum allocation case, BJP will run short of issues to target the Congress. After the court’s verdict, Congress too sharpened its attack against the BJP. The party had demanded an apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making false propaganda against it. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stated that the verdict has proved that “the massive propaganda against the UPA was unfounded”. Advocate Kapil Sibal said that no irregularities had occurred in the allocation of licences.

Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena MP and spokesperson said, “Those leaders who had raised their voice against the 2G scam, were responsible for it. We will have to review this case and see whether false charges were framed against accused. Those who had raised this issue, then, are a part of government now; therefore, I am worried. After this verdict, whenever somebody raises his voice against corruption, people will stop believing in it.”

Majeed Memon, veteran criminal lawyer and NCP leader said, “This verdict is a big setback for BJP as they have been trying to castigate Congress for the 2G scam while campaigning for election. They used to say that the scam has cost the state exchequer Rs 1,76,000 crore and the whole UPA and Congress are corrupt. This verdict has come after the marathon criminal trial which went on day to day basis for six years. If you read the conclusion of this judgement, it reads that prosecution and execution has been extremely useless and whole case falls flat on the ground. The scam is not about telecom but it is pertaining to investigation and political motivation. The verdict is a huge relief for Congress.”

TKS Elangovan, DMK MP said, “The CAG has not mentioned that there is any corruption involved in the 2G scam. The TRAI has recommended that the bidding cost should be minimal so that tele-density will increase thereby paving way for reduction of call charges. The Rs 1,76,000 crore loss to the exchequer was termed as corruption by political parties and accusation was made against A Raja. Opposition party had made wrong allegations against the erstwhile UPA government. The court’s verdict is definitely a good sign for the DMK.”

Mohanrao Kadam, Congress MLA said, “The BJP government has come to power by misleading voters and by making false allegations against Congress. The Congress will certainly derive benefit out of this verdict. The government is interfering in the working of CBI.”

Justice B G Kolse-Patil, former Bombay High Court judge said, “The Supreme Court and CBI are not working under the pressure of the government. The apex court had delivered a good verdict about how investigation should be carried out after the Akshardham Temple attack. The 2G scam was propaganda as Anna Hazare had campaigned against Congress for indulging in corruption activities which benefitted the BJP. BJP had made allegations against Congress to derive political mileage.”

Sunil Deshmukh, BJP MLA said, “Even though the special court had acquitted accused in the 2G scam but the scandal has definitely occurred. The investigation agencies have failed to amicably probe this case.”

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