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BJP to file FIR against Ajaz Khan

BJP-FIR-against-Ajaz-KhanThe Bhartiya Janata Party activists are miffed with actor Ajaz Khan for addressing Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as thief in seventh edition of reality show Bigg Boss. A delegation of BJP’s Yuva Morcha filed a complaint against Ajaz at Samata Nagar Police station for using offensive language against Modi. The reality show Bigg Boss is always known for creating some kind of controversies.

In the complaint the BJP party workers had mentioned that Ajaz Khan had hurt the sentiments of Narendra Modi’s well wishers. Modi is the prime ministerial candidate of BJP and commands respect hence people should not pass objectionable comments against him. Ajaz Khan doesn’t have any right to comment against Modi. Strict action must be taken against him for insulting Modi who is a national leader.

The party workers warned that if police fails to take action against Ajaz then they will protest in their own style. They are also planning to protest outside Bigg Boss house in Lonavala where the incident occurred.

Sandeep Upadhaya, BJP Yuva Morcha president spoke to AV and said, “We are miffed with Ajaz Khan for passing unwarranted comment against Narendra Modi. We want the police to take strict action against Ajaz failing which we will teach him a lesson in our style. A ban must be imposed of such kind of reality shows. If he is unaware about politics then he should refrain from using such kind of abusive language against our leader Narendra Modi.”
The Samata Nagar Police has registered a non-cognizable offence against Ajaz Khan.

Pravin More, Senior Police Inspector from Samata Nagar Police said, “We have registered a complaint filed by a delegation of Bharatiya Janata Party who arrived at our police station. We will forward the complaint to Lonavala Police Station as the incident occurred there.”

Earlier, another Bigg Boss Contestant Armaan Kohli was in trouble in case of attacking of Bigg Boss Co Contestant Sofia Hayat. After getting eliminated from the show, Sofia filed a police complaint against the actor. Armaan was taken into custody for interrogation and released few hours later.

The BJP party workers had protested outside the Bigg Boss house at Lonavala and they also attempeted to enter inside the house.

When we tried to contact officials from Colors channel about this issue they remained unavailable for comment.

BJP MLA from Borivali, Gopal Shetty said, “If any violent incidents occur in the city then Colors and Mumbai police will be responsible for that. They can’t malign the image of our prime ministerial candidate just for the sake of garnering TRPs.”

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