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BJP’s goondaism exposed!- car supplier harassed by BJP in Bihar

The Modi-led BJP’s 2014 campaign promise to build a corruption-free India is clearly proving to be a chunavi jumla, as with the 2019 elections coming, the fraud cases of Bhartiya Janta Party government are increasingly getting exposed day by day. Even before coming into the power, the BJP government was involved in cheating the people to whom they were giving the assurance of a corrupt-free country. A recent case of a movers and packers company based in Patna undoubtedly shows the defect in the ruling government.

In Feb 2014, the BJP and Security and Intelligent Services (SIS) workers from Patna took 110 vehicles on rent for 16 days from the Bhagwati Movers and Packers Pvt. Ltd without any legal agreement, for the purpose of campaigning in Patna. The estimated charge for the rental was around Rs 25.7 lakhs. Initially, the party workers agreed to make the payment through cheques and made an advance payment of Rs 50,000 in cheque; but later on, they refused doing so. Sanjaykumar Pandey, who is in charge of national transporting of SIS, made a payment of Rs 6 lakh in cash after a few days and that was the last payment done by them so far. In April, SIS sent a letter to the company penalising a certain amount due to the issues faced by them regarding rash driving and irregular drivers provided along with the rented vehicles. Since then, the Bhagwati Movers and Packers did not receive any payment nor did they receive the service tax documents from the BJP workers or SIS.

Mukesh Savarkar, the owner of the Bhagwati movers and packers Pvt. Ltd said, “SIS and BJP workers asked for vehicles before 2014 Lok Sabha elections. They asked me to make a written deal on my letter pad and not issue an agreement. I was given an advance rental amount in cheque; so I hired few vehicles and gave them. Later, they denied the terms and conditions of the deal and made the payment in cash which I refused to take for the record purpose. Since then, I have not received any payment and service tax papers are also pending. We have also sent them a legal notice.”

When Afternoon Voice spoke to Mithliesh Tiwari, Vice President of BJP Patna, Rabindra Prasad Singh, JDU Secretary and KC Tyagi, JDU leader, they chose to remain silent over this issue and stated their unfamiliarity about any such happenings.

As, R K Sinha senior BJP leader and the Rajya Sabha member is the Founder of the SIS, here the question arises that why was a private security services agency helping BJP for their election campaigning? SIS, which was initially started with a minimal amount, is considered amongst the largest security companies today with the turnover of around Rs 3200 crore as per reports suggested in 2015. This catches the eyeballs of many as R K Sinha being a PRO of BJP and a member of Rajya Sabha since 2014 after BJP became the ruling party and Sinha’s SIS reached to a milestone within a few years. Allegedly, there is also a BJP office attached to the office of SIS since 2014.

AV also tried contacting R K Sinha and the SIS organisation, but they remained unavailable to comment.

Since 2014, the BJP government was calling for a ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’ as the involvement of Congress in scams and frauds started coming to the light and initiated propagating the idea of corrupt-free nation, if only did people know that BJP is playing with the sentiments of the voters and people were falling into a trap of Modi’s bigmouth speeches to get the power. Now, what about the scams or frauds by BJP, before and after 2014 Lok Sabha election, which are yet to be revealed? Time will only tell what more is left to come ahead!

Bihar Congress President Kaukab Quadri attacked BJP and said, “Who talks about corrupt-free India are the most corrupt ones. Apart from this, there are many other scams by BJP such as, black money fraud, loan frauds like Nirav Modi and Mallya who flew away from India. Media should highlight such issues for the awareness of common people. Also, BJP has created a fearful environment and is trying to bring down country’s ‘unity in diversity’.”

“Earlier, BJP tried to malign Congress but the Supreme Court proved our party scam-free in cases like 2G. Many riots are also happening in BJP’s rule. We demand that government should take action against corruption and order a detailed enquiry,” he added.

While, the ministers and administrators are giving fake promises to the nation, its party workers on the other hand are nowhere far. While the cases of cheating and scams emerging and PM Modi’s government is keeping themselves tight-lipped, it would be interesting to see the tough fight in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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