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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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BJP’s high-handedness, a threat to democracy

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Sanjay Fadnavis,devendra fadanvis,maharashtra,aurangabadWhile citizens of India are miffed with BJP government’s approach towards country’s social and economic development and their attitude towards invoking religious sentiments, Modi government’s bare self and brutal arrogance have got revealed making nation’s eyes on stalks.

It has been reported that Sanjay Fadnavis, the first cousin of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and an active political figure in Nagpur, has threatened advocate Abhiyan Barahate, who was working with advocate Satish Uke as his representative for past few months and was assembling blow-by-blow information surrounding Justice BH Loya’s ‘mysterious’ death.

As per the complaint, on March 5, Barahate had reportedly secured details of Amit Shah’s protocol provision for his Nagpur visit dated March 4 via the Right to Information Act.

Around 1 o’clock late-night on the intervening night between March 5 and 6, Sanjay Fadnavis called the advocate and activist Abhiyan Barahate! Sanjay Fadnavis can be heard using obscene and offensive language against Barahate in the call that lasted for nearly two minutes. Fadnavis was threatening him with dreadful consequences at present and even later after 2019 elections.

Barahate submitted a written complaint to the Commissioner of Nagpur on March 6, specifying the “criminal intimidation through filthy language” but a case is yet to be registered against Sanjay Fadnavis.

When AV spoke to Abhiyan Barahate, he expressed, “I used to work with advocate Satish Uke to gather information on the death of Justice BH Loya. On March 5, I received details from RTI office regarding Amit Shah’s protocol provision for his recent Nagpur visit. On March 6, nearly 12.48 a.m. at night, I got the threat call. On the same day, I filed a complaint and also presented all relevant information including the call recording to the Commissioner of Nagpur. I am feeling insecure. My family is feeling unprotected.”

Sanjay Fadnavis can be quoted from the two-minutes-long call as such — “I came to know that you have been doing big-big work. We are coming in even in 2019… We will see everything. Then we will see what all will be done to you. Then don’t say later that I had to go behind bars… Police picked me up… Got fucked in the ass… Don’t say all this later… I have some respect for your wife and that is why I am talking to you. Understood, asshole?”

Barahate has explained in his letter to the Commissioner that he had met Fadnavis during the 2014 assembly elections in the state, while the latter had been campaigning for Devendra Fadnavis. According to Barahate’s letter, they both exchanged numbers, and subsequently met on various occasions, but had not been in touch for at least the past year.

NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik stated, “It is a serious threat for democracy. If someone is threatening, judiciary should take action. If the police department fails to take action against the offender, the victim can go to the court as per section 506 and seek justice. The present functioning of BJP government is questionable!”

Being a political party that has established its strong presence across India and has also gained power in 21 states, such aggressiveness of BJP shows how the kith and kins of the party are exploiting the power and not at all diffident in forcing monarchy in the system. Fadnavis’s administration is near to complete its four year in Maharashtra and is already strapped up by various charges of corruption. While there is a laundry list of cabinet ministers who are facing corruption charges, the government is struggling to honour its key election promises and the party’s higher authority either keeps mum or engages in whataboutery.

When asked about what can be the possible action by government, BJP MP Gopal Shetty said, “I don’t have any details on this issue, so it would be wrong to comment on it. I don’t think Sanjay Fadnavis can engage in such fuss. Our government is proceeding with law and order. If anyone is found guilty in a court, then we can talk on the issue. BJP is focused on development. We are concentrating only on progressing the state and good governance. It is certain that we are winning the elections in 2019.”

In a press conference on Thursday, former BJP MP Nana Patole alleged that the threat call was regarding a petition filed in Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court against Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’s election irregularities by Satish Uke who was represented by Barahate.

Patole said that CM, in his election affidavit for 2014 assembly election, had mentioned that 22 police cases were registered against him. Whereas the fact is that 24 police cases are going on against him. One of the cases was registered under Section 420 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and a lower court had granted bail to the CM. The case is still going on in the court,” the former-MP said.

“Barapatre had lodged a complaint with Ajni police but a case was yet to be registered against Sanjay Fadnavis. The police should immediately book him,” the former-MP demanded.

How will Fadnavis and his government now justify Sanjay Fadnavis’s unethical political interference in the Justice BH Loya case which is under judiciary? How will they vindicate their misuse of power to make intimidating remark against an advocate, and also the use of abusive languages and hurling of insults? Fadnavis boasted that BJP will come to power in 2019. Questions also arise on BJP’s impudence towards country’s electoral system and audacity to proclaim electoral victories even before the date of election!

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