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BJP’s manifesto is well balanced

The Bharatiya Janata Party must maintain unity at all cost if that want to get a majority. Murli Manohar Joshi must not create any negative controversy he must be very strictly told to maintain order. He will be contesting election against three time sitting Congress MP Shriprakash Jaiswal. Mr Joshi should aim to become the Vice Chancellor of some university and not aspire for any political position. Rajnath Singh had appointed Shiv Kumar as the chief election agent thereby sidelining Lalji Tandon.

Arvind Kejriwal was effectively shut up but the Delhi Police Chief in a very amicable manner. He exposed him brilliantly. Those who have not served enough in their chosen fields and shown escapist tendencies must not be taken seriously by the people. We must get it very clear that one party must be given comfortable majority for good governance otherwise the country will suffer
We have to increase our defence spending and upgrade our indigenous capability to be largely self sufficient in matter of defence equipment and weaponry.

Things which have to be imported from outside must be procured speedily by cutting bureaucratic hurdles. We must establish pragmatic ties with China without indulging in excessive statement issuance. Chinese like to work silently and with sincerity and do not like one-up-manship at all. Do not say anything to belittle them or cause them to lose face.

Navy must visit colleges to recruit talent, train them well and retain them a few years more and not retire them early because that way they will lose experienced hands. A greater engagement between Merchant Navy officers and Naval Officers is necessary to take advantage of more sea going experience and port making and leaving which merchant seamen possess by virtue of their trade.
BJP must start behaving as if they are already in power under the leadership of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. They must start talking about the contemplated and on going technical projects in the field of providing better roads ( multimodal transport), providing drinking water, providing more electric power and reducing theft and losses. People expect order and development and will reject politicking and slogan mongering. The party has already released its manifesto on the first day of the polling. The Election Commission had barred media from broadcasting the manifesto on television as election were held on that day.

Critics are saying that the BJP’s manifesto has nothing new to offer and is lifted from the document released by Modi prior to the Gujarat assembly polls. They also have been saying that its Modifesto instead of Manifesto. However, the manifesto’s underlying tone is the emphasis on development and delivery through better governance.

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