Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Blame game on for Kumaraswamy

Shocked by Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy’s statement that he is at the mercy of the Congress as he does not have the mandate of the 6.5 crore population of the state he represents. Hence, he can’t do much for the people of the state in which he is a Chief Minister. Who asked Kumaraswamy to become opportunistic and become CM if the people of the state outrightly rejected his party? He can still resign if he really thinks he cannot do justice for the people of his state.

Coalition government’s run on Common Minimum Programmes and Kumaraswamy should take his coalition partners into confidence to run the governance in Karnataka for some years at least as frequent elections cost a lot of money which a poor country like India cannot afford. Also, he has an option to ask Congress to elect their Chief Minister as they have double the number of MLA’s who won than his party but Kumaraswamy, I suppose is fooling people by playing the blame game even before he has undertaken the responsibility as CM!


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