Friday, July 23, 2021
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BMC Budget cut

BMC Budget envisages for a new innings and the civic body revealed that there will no new taxes or hike in existing ones as of now. This is a good news for the citizens of Mumbai. However, there will be hike in birth and death certificates given by BMC. The civic body is likely to levy high tax patients coming from overseas countries for treatment in the Metro and that is good move as people coming to India get cheap treatment comparing to the countries they stay. As the contractors are given enough caution to get the pending road work done in a proper way before the monsoon season, the expenses on road repairs will come down drastically. Scam hit roads needs to be given utmost importance and efforts should be taken to get good quality of work for lasting life of the busy roads within the city. In all BMC budget cut may not affect the corporation much and there will be extra boost for Mumbai infrastructure in the budget allocations as in the previous years.

C K R Nathan

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