Friday, September 24, 2021
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Breathing best in pollution

The quality of the air is becoming from bad to worse since Diwali and there is no escape route for people staying in 23 major cities of India. Even to get a satisfactory rate, the major cities are struggling as there is no control over air pollution. The number of diseases are on the increase and number of them suffer from breathlessness in metro cities of India. As it the air is already polluted, we are damaging it further without realising it is having harmful effects. The number of vehicles plying on the road absorb maximum oxygen, and emitting carbon-di-oxide and the vacant spaces in the city are becoming concrete jungle. The Central Pollution Control Board of India is having close check on the increase pollution level but could not help out the cause through concerted efforts to bring it down to a manageable position. Let us create enough awareness and save the earth from dying by monitoring the garbage clearance move and keep the go green drive in a serious manner for the survival of human being in busy life in major cities of India.

Calicut Krishnan

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