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Brotherhood and Sympathy are the spirit of Ramzaan

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It is not possible to help without feeling the pain of needy. One, who goes through Hunger, can only feed the poor and hungry, one who goes through the thirst, can only make the others drink water. With the message of helping others by feeling their pain and to earn good deeds, the Muslims observe fasting and offer prayers and charity during the month of ‘Ramzaan’.

Ramzaan is 9th Lunar month of Islamic Hijri calendar. The Month starts with sighting crescent and ends with sighting the first moon of 10th lunar Islamic month Shawal. The holy Quran was revealed on Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) during this month. The month Ramzaan has 29 or 30 days. The span of thirty days is divided in three sectors (Ashra) of ten days each. First Ashra reflects mercy of Allah, second reflects forgiveness of Allah and the third phase reflects safety from the hell (Jahanum). Muslims observe fasting and give Zakaat (alms-giving or kind of tax). The Muslim do offer Taraweeh – the additional prayers after performing the Isha (night) prayers. The fasting do start from dawn and ends with sunset. The Muslim also do Itikaf (staying in mosque).

Maulana Anwar Uz Zama Razvi of Darul Uloom Anwar E Mustafa Trust described the month as the reason to feel the pain of needy and poor people. Maulana said, “Ramzaan gives a message of brother hood and sympathy. Fasting is not only about staying hungry or thirsty and keep doing the wrong things. It is all about feeling the pain of hungry, thirsty person that comes for help and aid. While fasting, the Muslim should keep all his senses and body parts away from the bad deeds and intentions. It is important for the current generation to know the importance of Roza or Fasting and perform it for the sake of Allah.”

By Nooruddin Inamdar

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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