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Can aadhar become a foolproof document? Part II

When it will become mandatory to quote UIN in all bank A/c, ITR, VAT/Sales Tax/Forex/Trade transactions, PAN card and PAN linked with UIN will help knowing exact tax implications of a person for the transaction through banking channel. With electricity and Internet infrastructure in place and further reduction of cash transaction with more usage of cards, it will help in reducing black money in the system.

With the help of income link and annual family income, it would become easier for the government to frame policies in a better manner. Ration Cards with family details and their respective UIN will be printed automatically. Voter Card will be automatically issued for a person attaining adulthood and will automatically be discarded on receiving death information which will trigger the same in other databases viz. Voter card, driving licence, passport etc. Same name, address and date of birth will exist on all the documents pertaining to a person.

When one will register for marriage, two UIN will be entered and automatically data of female will be added to the new family. The bride’s new address will be updated and a prompt message will be sent to her for voter card updation requirement. After taking a print-out of online form, she can put her thumb impression and forward it to the Election Commission as her voter details to will get updated.
Similarly a birth registration will need UIN of both the parents and a new UIN will be alloted for the new born child.

There will be national driving licences and not state ones. A driving licence punched by the traffic police for challan will be recorded in the central database. Registration of cases/FIR’s etc will have UIN along with names and same will be updated in central database. Every UIN will have a verified address. Every individual could be traced through fingerprints.

Blood group details can help in aligning our Blood banks as per need. We will know how many people belonging to different blood groups are there in India. Educational qualification details will help allocating jobs, skills as per requirement and can address the problem of unemployment. Data on the basis of education and employment will be available on real time basis and future policies could be framed on that basis.

Once employment exchanges are modernised, candidates education qualification details will be available online which will also enable in assigning jobs under MNREGA. Every new construction would need to be registered under Municipal Corporation records as per UIN. Every new construction on empty land while obtaining approval will have to be entered along with UIN of that person. New address allotted will reflect as secondary residential property and address of that UIN holding person. Similar details need to be entered pertaining to commercial construction. If the above mentioned procedures are followed then census will become a checking mechanism instead of recording mechanism.

Every person having an address will have a UIN and those who are homeless and living in slums around railway stations and other abandoned places around cities, may be provided basic one room shelters to be built under government schemes on those abandoned places. UIN could be issued to them and employment could be provided to them. No illegal stay would be possible and no forged documents could be made.

Based upon the data collected in UIN, free primary/secondary/vocational/skill education can be provided to needy and free health/travel facilities/pension can be provided to senior citizens who don’t have a source of income. Individual can easily download form from respective department websites to update any data regarding education, occupation or anything, put a thumb impression on the form and send to respective department where same would be updated on successful verification of thumb impression.

(This is the second part of the article and the concluding part will continue tomorrow)

Arsh Deep Mahajan

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