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Can we afford to have a disruptive Parliament like this?

The parliament in motion was disrupted continuously and washout of winter session of parliament over demonetisation issue brought a bad name to our country and the Democratic set up of our system. The opposition should have allowed peaceful conduct of parliamentary sessions in the interest of the country and its people. We can ill-afford to lose money like this. No doubt, the demonetisation issue has put the general public into lot of hardships who are honest in their day-to-day dealings with the banks or otherwise. The whole exercise is carried out keeping in mind the black money holders and the corrupt practises that is prevailing in the country. Yes, it is a welcome and bold move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to plug the loopholes that lead to black money circulation. The history repeats itself and parliamentary paralysis happened during Congress rule now continues.

General public have taken demonetisation it with a pinch of salt because of the sudden and unexpected decision taken by the government. However, when you look at the picture on a macro level wherein it is done for the betterment of the country and its economies of scale, people have shown readiness to co-operate with the government despite several cash crunch and other problems faced by them. The government must have a dialogue with CEO’s of both the private and public sector banks and other related entities so as to solve the hardships faced by the people. The country deserves a proper debate on the economic pros and cons of demonetisation. Stalling of parliament on this issue for the full winter session is not a solution to the problem in hand. The government must also push for enactment of GST legislations in total, so that it can become a reality by the next financial year. This landmark legislation alone can, no doubt, boost the economy to a large extent.

No doubt, it is a legitimate way to express ones dissent, but that should not come in the way of functioning of parliament itself. Therefore, a peaceful and productive debate is need of the hour to resolve all the issues on the agenda amicably/set in motion.

Anandambal Subbu

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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