Friday, July 30, 2021
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Cap on multiplex ticket rates

It is certainly strange to see that the movie ticket prices are extremely high in Bengaluru. The Karnataka government is mulling a limit or maximum cap of Rs 200  movie tickets for multiplexes. The state has one of the highest ticket prices in the country currently. The decision reveals the fact that apart from the higher tax levied by the State government, another reason would be the drastic reduction in the number of theatres in Bengaluru. According to reports, presently the occupancy rate of multiplexes in the city ranges between 38% and 50%. All across the city, many old theatres made way for malls and shopping complexes as the owners no longer found it profitable to run them. The movie halls in the malls have limited seating capacity unlike the old movie theatres. With cap on ticket price, Kannada films will get a level-playing field and popular movies from any language will get shows they deserve. Further a cap on ticket prices is expected to see an increase in footfalls and will create an equal platform for every filmmaker to showcase their talent.

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