Capability matters, not the profession

Sex workers can vote but cannot contest election as they are indulging in flesh trading activities. So, what will eunuch do for earning their livelihood? These days most of the eunuchs join prostitution activities.

I was reading news about a sex worker Minakshi Kamble as leaders wanted to field her from Miraj (reserved) constituency. The authorities were seeking details of the contestant’s father’s caste details and also asked her to prove the authenticity of the caste certificate.

“How can I provide details of my father’s caste,” asked Kamble. “Why my mother’s caste details can’t be considered as she had brought me up.”

As per a recent government resolution women in Maharashtra will now have the option of using either father’s name or husband’s name in all the official documents, while children will be able to use mother’s name.

If any woman faces problems while making the choice, she can complain to the concerned district collector. Children, can now mention names of both the parents, or either of them, in the documents, the resolution said.

When the government has given the liberty to an individual to opt for a desired surname then caste certificate of one parent is sufficient. This is a landmark resolution as it will prove to be a boon for those children who are raised only by their mothers but have no idea about the fathers. It is difficult to ascertain the father’s identity when it comes to sex workers. Many times sex workers deliver illegitimate children. However, that doesn’t mean such children are denied the rights which they are entitled to.
Even today, 90 per cent of the employees have not changed their mindset.

To make matters worse, BJP has been fuelling communalism. No matter how they plan to develop India but the tint of RSS continues to remain. If the saffron party wins the forthcoming assembly elections, voices of many women would go unheard and many of them would be victimized.

India is such a nation where a candidate has to clear 8th standard examinations for getting employed as a peon while no qualification is required for becoming a legislator.