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Cara Delevingne reveals she is a ‘pansexual faerie’ in ‘Carnival Row’

carnival row, cara delevingne, pansexual faerieBritish actress Cara Delevingne has revealed that she is portraying a pansexual faerie and not a heterosexual character in the upcoming series ‘Carnival Row‘.

“I’m a pansexual faerie,” Delevingne told Variety during an exclusive one-on-one interview at Comic-Con adding that there are other queer characters in the show.

“All faeries generally are,” she said. “They don’t see gender. It’s all about who they are and their hearts. A lot of the things that weren’t written in the script, we made them so. Obviously, I didn’t say, ‘I want to be a pansexual faerie,’ but it made sense that all faeries kind of just love who they love.”

‘Carnival Row’ is set in a neo-Victorian fantasy world where immigrant creatures resettle in human land after their homeland is invaded by man.

“It’s really talking about immigration and refugees and classism and sexism, racism and elitism,” Delevingne said.

The actress’s co-star in the series Orlando Bloom spoke to Variety on Friday before the ‘Carnival Row’ panel at Comic-Con. “It’s so current and topical,” he said.

“It sort of addresses a lot of what we are experiencing today but with the added component of a fantasy period sort of feeling. We can explore these issues that are going on in the world today with a kind of empathy and objective quality that doesn’t feel like it’s banging you over the head,” Bloom added.

Carnival Row premieres on Amazon Prime Video on August 30.

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