Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Carelessness of doctors

Doctors are respected across the world because they save lives. It is an ignorant act in which doctors treat their patients carelessly and due to their carelessness sometimes patients die. There are many cases in which patient becomes handicapped just because they are unable to pay their bill and also due to lackadaisical attitude of doctors in treating them. Doctors cannot afford to be complacent. Public awareness of medical negligence is growing. There is hardly any control over the drugs used by doctors today. There are many who freely prescribe a variety of drugs, often going beyond the maximum dose recommended by the drug manufacturer. Medical stores too do not have qualified pharmacists to evaluate the prescriptions. Hospital managements are increasingly facing complaints regarding the facilities, standards of professional competence, and the appropriateness of their therapeutic and diagnostic methods. Doctors who are negligent and irresponsible towards their duty can be prosecuted if they do not exercise an ordinary degree of professional skill and competence.

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