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Netizens tweeted that RSS must first change its mindset before replacing their uniform.

 ChaddiNahiSochBadlo RSS-AV

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) decision to change its volunteers uniform from khaki shorts to brown trousers has attracted hilarious reaction from twitter users. Many users tweeted that the organization must first change its mindset before replacing their uniform. The #Chaddi-NahiSochBadlo has been trending on twitter as users complimented the person who created it and said that it was one of the best hashtag of 2016. The RSS is the ideological parent of the BJP. Most of the ministers in the cabinet had their political consciousness shaped by the RSS and its affiliates. The organization had taken the decision to replace khaki shorts for attracting young members to the volunteers’ fold. However, not everyone is reportedly happy with it as senior members of the organisation are keen to continue with the current outfit.

Here are some of the tweets posted by twitterati about the RSS’s decision to change its uniform:

Senior Journalist Nikhil Wagle tweeted from his Verified account‏ @waglenikhil.

“After 90 years RSS changed their Khaki chaddi. Hope they will change their thinking as well. “

Wagle also criticized the RSS’s stand for allowing entry of women in temples all over India. He said that the organization must practice what it preaches. He tweeted, “If RSS believes in gender equality why don’t they allow women in their organization?”

Editor, Sanjay Pugalia hailed the decision taken by RSS to change its dress code and tweeted,“Good news! Due to #ChaddiNahiSochBadlo initiative, the textile sector will get a boost & help economic recovery, going by SriSri’s economics.”

Sumit Kashyap who is affliated to Congress party wrote,”Realy glad to hear this…. Good to see RSS following Congress’s suggestion of #ChaddiNahi SochBadlo.”

Lawyer Sanjay Hegde said, “From Hitlers Brown shirts, to today’s Brown pants, hearts & minds don’t change.”

Vinay Dokania who criticized Sri Sri Ravishankar for his pro Pakistani statements said,“Will Modi govt file a case against @srisri for Sedition ‘RashtraDroh’ “

National Spokesperson of INC, Sanjay Jha“One of the best hashtags of the year 2016. Now #ModiToadies will be jockeying with us . #JustJockeying :-))

Executive Editor, Zakka Jacob ‏@Zakka_Jacob,“This is an epic hashtag, irrespective of who came up with it.”

Rahul Pandey‏@Rahul_Pandey_1,“The problem is not what they wear, it is their divisive agenda that will not change.”

Arun Mysore‏@arunmsksaid, “Changing from Chaddi to Pant can’t remove the tag of ” Gandhi Murderers” for RSS.”

RKHURIA‏@rkhuriasaid, “A Sanghi in any dress will be communal, Regressive & Threat to nation.”

KilaFateh #INC‏@KilaFateh,“Honestly! From angrezi Chaddhi to angrezi trousers? hoping for something like bhagwa langot! dhoti to soothe itchiness.”

Saral Patel, on the other hand, chose to view the development from the mirror of reverse-sexism. “Day by day, RSS is becoming more & more regressive. First they had a problem with women wearing shorts & now with men (too),” she tweeted.

The decision of changing uniform was taken at the three-day annual meeting of Akhil Bhartiya Pratinidhi Sabha, the highest decision-making body of RSS.

“We have decided to replace khaki half pant with brown pant. We are not rigid and take decisions according to the time,” Suresh Bhayyaji Joshi, Sar-Karywah (general secretary) of the RSS said.

He said that care would be taken to ensure that the new trousers would be comfortable while doing physical activities.

Loose Khaki shorts have been the trademark of RSS cadres since the organisation’s inception in 1925. Even though other parts of the uniform have been changed from time to time, khaki shorts remained in vogue till now.

Initially till 1940, the uniform of RSS was khaki shirt and shorts before white shirts were introduced. Leather shoes replaced long boots in 1973 and later rexine shoes were allowed.

However the process of replacing the old with the new will take time. According to Sangh functionaries, there are as over 56,000 shakhas where swayamsevakas come for meetings and drill, and providing new uniforms will be a long-drawn process.

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