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Chhattisgarh sterilization tragedy could have been averted

The tragic death of 13 women at Chattisgarh sterilization camp had occurred due to the negligence of doctors and the local administration. Chief Minister Raman Singh says that the minister will not perform the operation, how true. The minister could have been proactive and asked local administration to oversee the arrangements being made there. The doctors and nurses should have been careful to check that no infection develops through effective post operation care. Our population is growing by leaps and bounds. I have been crying from roof tops to control it but if such incidents are allowed to happen, then the family planning program will not become successful.

We cannot afford it. The target based approach was found faulty during the emergency and it appears that we are yet to learn the lesson. In another case, we hear that technician and ward boy had sustained injuries due to magnetic field of an MRI machine where, reportedly some switch was non functional. A detailed enquiry will determine the fault and corrective action will be taken but, again, there is a need for training and effective supervision. Training should be imparted to paramedics through skill development programme. The periodical audit and regular checking of wirings and switches is necessary. Good training is necessary to operate these machines.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone “East”. Let us look forward to some enhanced trade relations between Myanmar and India. Fiji is a beautiful place. Few years back, we loaded raw sugar in bulk from here to Japan. Suva is a beautiful port and many Indians are residing there. Everyone is aware about Australia. Good technical co-operation will be helpful besides specialized acquisition of material for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Over the years, the cost of living has increased in Australia. Many times we have loaded coal from Hey point.

During our youthful days we used to notice ships passing close to Sydney Opera house which was being constructed then. We can avail raw material and technology from here. During the seventies it was easier to migrate and settle in Australia. Many of our Anglo Indian friends from Kolkata took advantage of it but now immigration laws have been tightened.

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