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Children are making the adults buy

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We all agree that today’s children are inimitable in many ways from previous generations, but perhaps the most influencing factor on our young children today is the Television advertisements. It is observed that nowadays children are breaking new grounds in advertising. After selling milk drinks and detergents to mostly mothers for years, the young ones are now trying to influence big investments of decision-makers at home and in business. Children are making the adults buy. So grabbing adult attention through kids is a sound strategy. It is clear, featuring children helps companies get rid of boring and cliché methods, especially when the product carries a serious image.

According to a senior psychiatrist, “Commodification of child psyche is an unhealthy pattern. Many a time, they don’t even have the insight about the product they are promoting. It’s a kind of child labour.”

Children appearing in the advertisements, posters or photos can attract more customers and help the buyers know more about the product. However, if the children commercials involve sexual contents, the commercial should be banned and the situation should be stopped. Children are innocent and pure; the society should not use their innocence to earn money immorally. There are not many people in the world today that would disagree with the fact that children are our future. Children are the ones that must carry on family traditions, continue to build and develop new public projects, and continue to learn and expand the knowledge of the human race.

Children participation in advertisements become popular and they face many comments and criticism. However, children are not mature enough, when facing criticism, they find difficult to accept and may cause a psychological shadow. This is because children are not mature enough to think what they want or does the thing benefit themselves, they are just simply accepting everything that their parents arrange for them. Effects of Television Violence on Children In our society today, it is extremely important to pay attention to what influences children.

It is bad for their mental development. Besides, involving in the commercials requires a lot of time. As a result, children may not have enough time focusing on studies and their academic result may be affected. Once they involve in commercial, the pressure will be brought to them and they tend to meet the standard of the advertisement or dramas. Besides, they and their families may also need to face the discussions of the public. It is too early for children to have lots of pressures and too much workload. They should have their own time with their friends and families, but not bear the pressure. Parents should also assess the advertisement whether it is suitable for their children, such as the message or products involved in the advertisements. Moreover, it is important that the parents should guide their children to allocate their more time to study and give them support and encouragement. No doubt, children appearing on television advisements not only help the children to become more confident but also have an unforgettable experience in their life.

In conclusion, children should be allowed to get involved in commercials but with strict laws to specify the contents to protect our children.


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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