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China is the biggest and best ‘abuser’: Donald Trump

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has alleged that China is the “biggest and best abuser” as it was dumping its goods into the US, stealing intellectual property and imposing hefty taxes on American companies doing business in that country.

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“China is the biggest and best abuser. Mexico is a smaller version of China,” Trump told his cheering supporters in this steel city of Pittsburgh, which is said to be a key swing state for November general elections as he hit out at several countries including Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Trump said he believes in free trade, but it needs to be fair. “I believe in free trade. But for free trade, you need to have smart people on our side. I want to make good deals. I do not want care what you call it,” he said.

“I do not want China to dump steel into our country. They are dumping. They are stealing our intellectual property,” Trump alleged and warned them of consequences if he is elected as the president of the country.

“If they do not behave, we will put tax on them. They (Chinese) tax us. But we do nothing about it. This is one-way street. …We got ripped off,” he said. “If in November if you pull the right trigger, we are going to have so much fun together,” he said, urging people to come out in large number and vote in November presidential elections.

The real estate tycoon from New York claimed he would have a good relationship with China and would enter into a deal with them that would benefit the US and create jobs in the country. “China, when I deal with them, it is going to be great deal. They (Chinese) have no respect for Obama. They have even less respect for crooked Hillary,” Trump said.

Trump slammed Obama in his speech. Observing that he never thought Obama would be a great president but believed that he would unite the country. “He (Obama) is a great divider. The country has never been so divided ever,” he alleged, adding he would unite the country. “President Obama is incompetent,” he claimed.

“I will unite the country, the richer, the poor. I would unite the country through old schools of thoughts by creating jobs. I would not let other country take the jobs,” he said asserting that factories would resume manufacturing and create jobs if he is elected as the president in November.

“We have to win. We can’t let this crap happen. We have got weak leaders. We are going to change. We are going to change. We need competent people folks,” he said. “They (American leadership in Washington) have no clue. We have incompetent people in Washington. Like a bunch of dumb babies. The world is laughing. Countries all over the world are taking advantage of us. Mexico, we have huge trade deficit,” he said.

“We will build the wall,” he said, adding that Mexican leadership are taking benefit of the weak leadership of the US.

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