Monday, February 6, 2023
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A city like Mumbai needs AAP to have a peaceful atmosphere and genuine development. Looking at ArvindKejriwal’s work as CM of Delhi, though only for a few days, I enrolled my name into the voting list. Previously, there were people who came down to my house with forms and asked me to enrol but I never did. I never had faith in any of the parties be it BJP or congress or others.

After watching ArvindKejriwalstruggle to reform the country from corrupt practices, you cannot demean his party and neither is there any cheat code to break them down. This year I enrolled myself and twice checked the list to confirm whether my name was there or missing so that I couldvote for AAP. Once I just logged into AAP’s website to check what credentials Arvindhad and it was really fascinating to know about his qualification and previous job profile.

The other day we received a press release from Gopal Shetty, stating that he was not involved in the murder case of Smt. Rita MahesDadarkar’s husband. He also claimed that she since she belonged to the opposition, she is doing propaganda against him. On the other hand,Sanjay Nirupam from Congress racks up police against Gopal Shetty for land grabbing case in Borivali. These two are candidate and opposition from the same constituency.

But still many Gujaratis voted for BJP looking at Modi and minorities surely must havevoted for Congress though there are also people who have voted for AAP. Somewhere again we people have landed ourselves into trouble. Why do we ignore the meaning of democracy? That does not mean that if my constituency has a candidate with a criminal background, the other candidate will also bear the same tag. Why don’t we go through the bio data of our candidates? Don’t we have a clear picture about politicians who hailed from very poor backgrounds, financially and academically but today they enjoyriding in major fancy cars even a graduate or a MBA can’t afford. We all are dying for jobs; we all want something better for ourselves to live luxuriously and run our family comfortably. It’s almost been decades but we still are suffering from the same problems. And actually there is no point of blaming the government when we are the creators of our own problems.

I also heard people saying that no this politician from my area has helped me a lot so I would vote for him only no matter what. And eventually, we become selfish… you voted because he only helped you, might be you had good connections with him but what about others.

Even if AAP does not triumph I will be happy with the fact that my first vote was not wasted.

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