Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Chris Brown fined in Amsterdam

Singer Chris Brown has been fined by police in Amsterdam for riding a motorbike without license plates.

Chris Brown-AV

The 27-year-old “Loyal” hitmaker ran into trouble in Europe with law enforcement officers after “forgetting” to display the registration number of his vehicle, reported TMZ.

He said in a video posted on Instagram: “Public service announcement: Kids, do not ride motor vehicles without license plates.

“Sorry, we just bought the bikes, forgot about the license plate. Yeah. So, we’re handling the situation as is.”

However, the didn’t seem too upset about the situation as he thought the officers who handled the incident were “cool”.

“The police are really nice about it man. I actually like the police out here. Cool…, for real.”

Local law enforcement sources said officers pulled Brown over on Friday after noticing he was riding a dirt bike without a helmet or license plate, and had him follow them to the nearest police station, where he promptly paid his fine.

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